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bronpierceFeature Films

Bron has been perfectly balancing his full schedule of film work and architectural design. While spending Thanksgiving with the Brosnan family, he and Pierce spoke of forthcoming work, including the much-anticipated sequel to "The Thomas Crown Affair." The two traveled to Japan a few times during the year to shoot commercials, and they took a return trip to Prague.


bronpierceArchitectural Design

The SMITH FAMILY has signed Bron to design/remodel their recently purchased Sundance home. Bron is providing architectural design, interior design, including antique furnishings and native landscape design.

Bron has returned for his 4th year to the NYMAN'S SKI STORE, (Family of Olympic Skier, Steve Nyman) adding his interior design from his personal antique collection.

Bron is currently on retainer with the DUNCAN MILLER GALLERY to oversee interior design of the galleries and art placement.


farmhouseFarmhouse on the Creek

Bron's finest work to date. Received the cover of HOMES & LAND twice in 6 months. His work on the Farmhouse has received the attention of ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST'S Editor in Chief, Margaret Russell. The FARMHOUSE is currently for sale and represented by Utah's No. 1 Realtor, Paul Benson, and local Sundance Realtor, Carol Belisle. To view this magnificent cabin, visit the Farmhouse on the Creek web site.



Bron has returned for his 3rd year, decorating SUNDANCE'S GENERAL STORE, and the FOUNDRY GRILL DELI, adding some of his finds while foraging thru old barns and midwest antique fairs. Rumor has it, Sundance maybe selling his 5 dozen worn cowboy boots collected from variety of working Texas ranches.





Acclamined as Bron's masterpiece, The FARMHOUSE ON THE CREEK has received the cover of two editions of Utah's Wasatch HOMES & LAND. Bron's current home in Sundance Utah, was featured in the WASATCH JOURNAL (June 2008). The Journal is, as Bron describes it, "the Architectural Digest of Utah." You may view the issue and subscribe to the magazine online at UTAH VALLEY MAGAZINE also featured Bron, both as a Sundance cabin builder and as a Hollywood makeup artist, in its February 2008 issue. Its web site can be found at